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Academician FanDaiming, Chinese Academy of Engineering, is employed as the honor

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    Recently, our hospital officially hire academician FanDaiming as the honorary editor of "Cancer Research" magazine. FanDaiming is the associate dean of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Fourth Military Medical University principal and vice chairman of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. Hao Xishan who is the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association vice-chairman, and Tianjin Cancer Hospital president is also employed as  a honorary editor of "Cancer Research" magazine.


    Hospital-sponsored national core journal "Cancer Research" has been indexed by seven international databases, which are the U.S."Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (Natural Science)" , "Chemical Abstracts", "Ulrich", Poland " Index Copernicus ", British "international Agricultural and Biological Sciences Research Center", "Japan Science and Technology Agency(Chinese Bib-liographic Database)", British "global health".


      Academician FanDaiming is appointed as the chief scientist of our hospital in 2010. On June 2rd of this year he came to our hospital made an excellent report entitled the quality strategy and taught “wild geese spirit ", had a profound impact. Academician Fan not only debrifed "specialized doctors project" and "specialized research project", but also had a inscription for my hospital: "Excellence"!


    The dean and "Cancer Research" editor WeiShaozhong on behalf of the hospital and magazine thanks for two academicians joining us. he said, two international renowned cancer experts to join the “Cancer Research” will greatly improve quality of journal, and promote the scientific development of cancer prevention.