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HBCH hold third session of the seventh enlarged committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer

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To further improve cancer prevention and control system, and to enhance cancer care services in Hubei province, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province officially approved the establishment of Hubei Provincial Cancer Prevention and Research Center in October, 2004, affiliated to Hubei Caner Hospital. The Center was renamed formally as Hubei Province Cancer Center in 2011.

    On March 7th, HBCH hold third session of the seventh enlarged committee of  Chinese Anti-Cancer Association at the East Lake Hotel, this meeting determine “ protect environment, scientific anti-cancer”as the propaganda theme of this year's National Cancer Awareness Week. Academician Hao Xishan, Fan Daiming, Zhan Qimin, executive director of the association, professional board chairmen, provincial and municipal anti-cancer Association (Secretary-General), deputy Secretary-General of the Association , deputy directors of departments, oncology experts, totally more than 120 gather in East Lake study the Scientific Development of Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

    Hao Xishan has a 2013 responsibilities report; vice chairman Zhan Qimin, the Secretary-General Wang Ying and Office Assistant Zhao Yong have three work reports about improve ability of the Chinese Science Association , "World Cancer Day"activities summary and the National Cancer Awareness week preparatory preparation. Finally, the Party member of Chinese Science Association and academic department ministry Shen Aimin makes a wonderful report about “learning the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, implementing the requirements of the Chinese Science Association”.

    Afternoon, the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Professional Committees, provincial-municipal Anti-Cancer Associations have a discussion and  elect 6  professional committees as "Advanced Professional Committee”, 6 provincial-municipal Anti-Cancer Associations as “Advanced provincial-municipal Anti-Cancer Association”. "Advanced professional committee" including lung cancer, cancer rehabilitation, palliative treatment, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, cancer pathology, cancer metastasis Professional Committees. HuBeiprovince Anti-Cancer Association and Zhejiang, Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanxi Anti-Cancer Association win the “Advanced Provinces Anti-Cancer Association”.

    After the meeting, the delegates excitedly visit to our modern inpatient building, diagnostic equipment, garden-like courtyard environment. Academician Hao Xishan and other experts also write an inscription for our hospital.


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