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Anti-cancer no longer single-handed, team strength create the high standard

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To further improve cancer prevention and control system, and to enhance cancer care services in Hubei province, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province officially approved the establishment of Hubei Provincial Cancer Prevention and Research Center in October, 2004, affiliated to Hubei Caner Hospital. The Center was renamed formally as Hubei Province Cancer Center in 2011.

    Anti-cancer no longer single-handed, team strength create the high standard——Hubei Province select the first batch of chief anti-cancer single-disease experts.

    The dawn of the 19th National Cancer Awareness Week, HuBei Cancer Hospital takes the lead in implementing a single-disease (Professional) chief expert system, selecting the lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and others totally 14 single-disease chief experts. Chief experts are not only  skilled, which are the leading authority in province, but also respected.

    Dean Wei Shaozhong, the kidney-bladder prostatic cancer chief expert, stresses the chief expert system of cancer single disease for the province's first. These experts are the single-disease clinical managers and authorities, as the core of their areas.  The implementation of cancer single disease expert system is to creat standardized management of cancer hospital, which aims to combine the latest knowledge and mature experience to  diagnose, treat, recovery, and to establish  standards for all types of cancer diagnosis and treatment, to enable patients’benefit.

    It is a long-life goal of HBCH to provide scientific and standardized treatment and maximize every patients’benefie. To achieve this objective, the single disease chief experts have taken a solid step forward.

    In the HBCH, all chief experts will convene an authorititative experts consultation for every patient, working out the best individualized treatment program. This method unites overall advantages becomes a full-service to treat cancer, providing diagnosis, treatment, nutrition, rehabilitation, psychological guidance.It is the essence that makes the recovery rate of various cancer and the five-year survival rate on advanced level in domestic.

    【Single disease chief expert】

    Wei Shaozhong: Profess, chief physician,  master tutor,  kidney-bladder prostatic cancer chief expert, Colorectal cancer associate-chief expert

    Hu Deshen:Profess,  chief physician, master tutor, nasopharyngeal cancer chief expert

    Yu Ding:Profess,  chief physician, master tutor, Lymphoma chief expert

    Zhu Youhua:chief physician, thyroid cancer

    Xu Haiyang:chief physician, esophagus cancer

    Xiong Fei:chief physician, lung cancer surgical chief-expert

    Hu Yanping:chief physician,lung cancer internal medicine expert

    Yin Tao:chief physician, liver cancer expert

    Xia Xiaoqin:chief physician,pancreatic cancer

    Zhang Keliang:Profess,  chief physician, master tutor, gastric &colorectal cancer chief expert

    Xiong Shilu:chief physician, cervical cancer chief expert

    Chen Xian:Profess,  chief physician, master tutor, oncologic imaging

    Liu Yulin:chief physician, radiodiagnosis chief expert

    Huang Jianguo:Profess,  chief physician, master tutor, ultrasonic diagnosis

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