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HBCH hold a Breast Cancer International Symposium

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To further improve cancer prevention and control system, and to enhance cancer care services in Hubei province, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province officially approved the establishment of Hubei Provincial Cancer Prevention and Research Center in October, 2004, affiliated to Hubei Caner Hospital. The Center was renamed formally as Hubei Province Cancer Center in 2011.

    HBCH hold a Breast Cancer International Symposium "Cancer Research Breast” Cancer Forum in WuHan。

    October 12-14, our hospital unites with Anti-Cancer Association of Hubei Province, Hubei Province Anti-Cancer Association of Breast Professional Committee, "Cancer Research" magazine, Hubei thyroid-breast treatment of the Professional Committee, Hubei prevention and treatment of breast disease, holding a breast cancer international symposium "Cancer Research"—— breast summit forum in WuHan. A total of more than 300 well-known breast cancer experts and scholars attend the meeting, which are come from other provinces, Taiwan area of China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries. Dean WeiShaozhong has a welcoming speech to all experts, the minister of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association continuing education Ministry ZhaoWenhua delivers a speech at the conference, Professor Ma Biao presides over the meeting as the Executive Chairman of the symposium.

    There are more than 20 well-known scholars to the meeting and make a wonderful speech. Professor Maurizio Bruno Nava (Milan University of Italy), Professor CaoXuchen (Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital), Professor Liyuanhong (the first affiliated hospital of Chongqing Medical University), having a speech about breast cancer postoperative reconstruction; Professor CuiShude (Henan Provincial Cancer Hospital), Professor LiaoNing (Guangdong Provincial Peoples Hospital), Professor ZhouLeilei (the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Hospital), having a speech ahout the latest development in the surgical treatment of breast cancer, as well as breast-conserving therapy and mini-invasive surgery; Professor Chris Twelves (the Leeds University of UK), Professor Lu Yanshen (Taiwan University), Professor Ouyangquchang (Hunan Provincial Cancer Hospital), Professor Huangtao (Union Hospital), Professor YuDing (Medical Oncology Dept of our hospital), Professor YaoFeng (Hubei Provincial Peoples Hospital), Professor Wu Xinhong (deputy director of my hospital),having a speech on breast medicine therapy; Professor LuJinsong (Cancer Hospital of Fudan University), Professor Zhang Lin (Tongji Hospital), having a speech on endocrine therapy for breast cancer. Professor YuDehua (Indiana University ), Professor Zhang Pin (Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences), introducing the targeted therapy on breast cancer; Professor LuYuanan (Hawaii University) and Professor Yang Jiyuan (the first Affiliated Hospital of Yangtze University) respectively have a wonderful speech on the breast cancerof the world epidemiology and the radiation therapy for breast cancer.

    The conference is also held three chapters in the afternoon of October 12 and the afternoon of the 14th. Experters have a discussion about establishing the multidisciplinary cooperative group of Hubei Province and Hunan Province to treat breast cancer, including late stage breast cancer therapy and endocrine therapy.

    The victory of the meeting is not only improve the popularity and academic status of our hospital, but also fully demonstrate our hospital strength and a leading position in the province of comprehensive cancer treatment. Our hospital has played a positive role in standardize the treatment of breast cancer, improve the overall treatment levels and promote a further anticancer career.

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