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2012-10-26 Don Leuenberger, Vice-Chancellor of the U.S. Nebraska University visi

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To further improve cancer prevention and control system, and to enhance cancer care services in Hubei province, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province officially approved the establishment of Hubei Provincial Cancer Prevention and Research Center in October, 2004, affiliated to Hubei Caner Hospital. The Center was renamed formally as Hubei Province Cancer Center in 2011.

    October 23, Don Leuenberger, Vice-Chancellor of Nebraska University Medical Center (UNMC) and Professor ZhaoYong who is the associate dean of State Key Laboratory of Biomembrane and Membrane Biotechnology visit our hospital and they are employed as guest professors. Dean Wei Shaozhong accompanys two guests to the VIP ward of our hospital, the ward of Head and Neck Surgery, radiotherapy machine room , PET-CT center, and communicates with American friends in-depth on strengthen medical exchanges and cooperation, short-term training, research cooperation, nursing, reaching a preliminary cooperation intention. Science and education chief WuXinhong, deputy chief Zhang Min, director of radiation oncology HuDesheng, Dr. ZhuYouhua, take part in the exchange meeting.

    At the meeting, Dean Wei Shaozhong introduces basic information and the rapid development of our hospital to the American guests. Don Leuenberger, vice chancellor gives a high evaluation on the hospital scale, the development of our hospitaln and the advanced medical equipment, as well as the Nebraska Medical Center. Subsequently, Dean Wei expresses his desire to strengthen bilateral international academic exchanges and training, and to sent some outstanding doctors and administrative staffs to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. “Welcome to the University of Nebraska Medical Center Principal and we will provide convenience for doctors and adminisrative staffs.” Don Leuenberger respondes. It is reported that the University of Nebraska Medical Center is one of the oldest Departments of General Practice in America, a world leader in organ transplantation, especially in small bowel transplantation. In 2008, it’s general medicine ranked the top ten of medical education system in the United States.

    In the end of the exchange meeting, Dean Wei Shaozhong issues two letters of appointment to  both guest professors and invites them to come to our hospital in future. The exchange meeting has been carried out in a warm and friendly atmosphere, both sides express satisfaction with the result.

    With the steady advancements of the hospital’s “international exchange project”, our hosital will promote a exchange between our hospital and internationally renowned medical research institutions, the overall strength of our hospital will win a new level.

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